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Empowering Employees to Give Back: How LogMeIn Raised $200K for Global Causes

It’s no surprise that the vast majority of people today (93%) want to work for a company that cares about them as an individual. That not only means providing them with great benefits and a healthy work-life balance, but also supporting their social and environmental values. In fact, 51% of workers won’t work for a company that doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility commitments. 


Identify Your Company Values 

At LogMeIn, we are passionate about our communities. From volunteering at local foodbanks and homeless shelters to mentoring our global youth, we are committed to being a great community partner in the places we live and work. Because of this, we decided to foster engagement by integrating this passion with the passions and values of our employees.  


Support and Empower Employees to Give Back  

This meant letting employees support causes important to them. We did this through our second annual Mission Possible Employee Match Campaign with United Way! For 3 weeks in September we offered all of our full-time employees across the globe an opportunity to donate to non-profits they are passionate about. In addition, Mission Possible matched contributions 1:1 — up to $1,000 per employee — until we reached our goal of $100,000, for a total of $200,000 to double their impact.

Rally the Troops 

For an initiative like this to be successful, your company needs to generate excitement by rallying the troops! The energy behind our second annual campaign was amazing, with 15% of our employees across the world contributing to causes they are passionate about. LogMeIn employees supported 329 non-profit organizations which included Girls Who Code, Direct Relief, The Trevor Project, Boys and Girls Club of America and OSAAT (One School At A Time), and every donation had a unique story, passion and purpose. Our employees rallied in each office, holding local events, raffles, info sessions and even gave out cupcakes to drive donations forward. Our internal Slack channel became a place where employees shared their causes and supported the causes of their colleagues. It was awe-inspiring to see everyone come together for a common cause of doing good in the world. 


Consider Partnering with a Trusted Organization 

Mission Possible decided to partner with United Way for this campaign in order to add momentum to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. Partnering with a trusted organization can help boost employee engagement and turn employees into your best brand ambassadors. United Way helped us support communities locally and globally, and backup causes dedicated to improving health, education, financial stability, and more. To learn more about United Way, click HERE.

Thank you to all of our 
LogMeIners that made our second annual giving campaign a success. We are thrilled and honored to match your donations and make an impact on the causes you love and support! 


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