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Celebrating Black History Month with BE@LogMeIn

February marks a special month at LogMeIn. Not only is it a time for us to reflect upon and celebrate Black History Month, but it also marks the 1-year anniversary of BE@LogMeIn, our employee resource group for Black employees and friends.  

Employee resource groups at LogMeIn are voluntary and employee-ledThey connect our global workforce around shared goals to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace. These groups are aligned with our corporate mission, values, and objectives, and help drive conversation and change around diversity and inclusion. BE@LogMeIn is strategically focused on creating opportunities for development, recruitment, and community engagement for LogMeIn’s Black employees and allies.  

We recently had a chance to sit down with Binetou Fall and LaCrystal Robinson, co-leads for BE@LogMeInBinetou is a New Business Sales Representative for our Unified Communication & Collaboration business. She is responsible for generating new business opportunities for LogMeIn’s collaboration products, like GoToMeeting and GoToRoom, by means of consulting, advising, and through the recommendation of solutions for her clients’ needs. LaCrystal is a Marketing Programs Manager for our Consumer Engagement & Support business, responsible for building and managing paid and organic lead generation campaigns. A typical day for LaCrystal involves supporting the engagement and enablement of the sales team, implementing strategic tactics with targeted partners, organizing webinars, and managing the Bold360 presence at events.  

Being in two separate business units, their jobs wouldn’t normally cross paths. But, LaCrystal and Binetou have successfully partnered together to lead the charge for BE@LogMeIn’s strategic initiatives.

Reflecting on the origins of BE@LogMeIn 

The BE@LogMeIn employee resource group began from grassroots efforts, starting with employees across our Boston and Raleigh offices expressing their support for creating a group for Black employees and allies. The organization’s name itself was selected to represent a feeling of belonging and being yourself, a sentiment the leaders of BE@LogMeIn wanted to foster amongst its members. “We wanted this group to be a place that people could call home. We don’t just want you to come here, we want you to stay here and feel welcomed,” said Binetou. 

BE@LogMeIn has grown since their initial launch, building out ambassadors and membership across many of our global offices. They have hosted lunch and learns, networking and recruiting events, and volunteer opportunities that allow their members to engage with each other in a unique way. “It’s a great way for me to learn about what’s going on across our organization and to meet people in different offices that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet,” said LaCrystal.

BE@LogMeIn Launch

Creating a culture of inclusion 

When you walk inside any of our offices around the world, you can feel LogMeIn’s culture and values in action. We have an environment that champions those who engage fearlessly, who have the courage to challenge the status quo, and who work together to create better outcomes.  

BE@LogMeIn has taken the initiative to share their stories and lead the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. “I love that we can break down silos by facilitating the conversation between different departments and offices,” says LaCrystal. “We help address biases and knock down barriers.” Not only are they facilitating the conversation internally, but they hope to resonate with people who are considering working at LogMeIn, too. “I want people to realize that you can bring your best self to work here, you don’t need to put on a mask or a façade,” added LaCrystal. 

BE@LogMeIn Launch Party

Celebrating Black History Month 

LogMeIn offices around the globe will be celebrating Black History Month in many different ways – from community lunches and happy hours supporting locally Black-owned businesses, to volunteer days supporting our local communities. Black History Month is a great time for us to reflect, learn, share, and inspire one another towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  

“Black History Month was something I didn’t think I needed growing up; but I’ve come to cherish it with time due to its paramount importance and relevance,” said BinetouIt allows me to reconcile my African origins with my American culture and offers me a platform to unapologetically celebrate who I am and also show the world who we are as a people and how great our contribution has been in the US and world history. It’s a time for celebration and reminiscing on the efforts African Americans have put forth and continue to make to uplift our community. 

LaCrystal also shared her thoughts on February’s significance. “Black History Month is a time for us to look back and reflect on how far we’ve come and to remind us how far we have yet to go,” she said. It’s a way to celebrate and commemorate the heroes who helped push the world forward who aren’t often recognized. As a little girl, it was always the month that I looked forward to the most in school—it was a month where I could learn about people that looked like me. Black History Month is an opportunity for us all to learn, research, and remember the contributions people of color have made to our society.” 

BE@LogMeIn Jersey City Office

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