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Renaming Entities for Consistency

Please note that we are retiring the GetGo brand and going forward, you will see the LogMeIn name on your future contracts, invoices, billing statements, and in other correspondence coming from us and/or our subsidiaries.  It is important to note that these activities are limited to renaming for brand consistency only and these changes have no impact, whatsoever, on Tax IDs or bank account numbers. Additionally, no existing contracts will need to be assigned or transferred in connection with these name changes.  This post is intended to provide additional context around these changes and hopefully answer any questions you might have about why we’ve renamed some of our subsidiaries.

Background context:

As you are likely already aware, 2017 has been a transformative year for LogMeIn. In January 2017, we officially closed the merger between LogMeIn, Inc. and Citrix Systems, Inc.’s GetGo subsidiary (a wholly owned subsidiary consisting of the GoTo family of products), and we have spent the better part of the year working hard to successfully integrate the LogMeIn and GoTo businesses.  As we reach the end of our integration efforts, we have made the decision to unite all of our operating entities under the “LogMeIn” brand name.  We felt this change was important to make in order to unite our companies and to help lessen any confusion for our customers.  Therefore, starting immediately, LogMeIn will begin to cease its use of the “GetGo” brand and/or naming convention, and will instead rename those “GetGo” entities as variations of the LogMeIn brand.

What is changing (and where):

The renaming only impacts customers doing business with LogMeIn in the US, UK and Australia.  For example, current GetGo, Inc. customers in the US will now see the name “LogMeIn USA, Inc.” on future contracts, invoices and/or billing statements. Other specific changes are highlighted in the table below.   

Customers in all other regions and countries will see no change, whatsoever.  

A full list of our updated entity names can be found here:

Additionally, you can find our remittance table with the new entity names on our legal site.

What stays the same:

Aside from the name change, all else remains the same. You are still contracting with the same LogMeIn entity and its Tax IDs and bank account numbers will all remain unchanged.

What action should you take (if any):

For US, UK and Australian customers, no action is required other than updating your records and systems to reflect the new name, as necessary.

As the new LogMeIn, our number one priority continues to be delivering great service and a best-in-class experience to you, our valued customer. We hope that this post helps in small part to both clarify why we’ve made the change and to deliver upon that commitment.



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