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Phishing Alert: Fake Emails Mimic LogMeIn Subscription Expiration Emails

We are getting reports from both the general public and LogMeIn customers about suspicious emails that are designed to look like they are coming from LogMeIn — they have all the hallmarks of phishing attempts.

The reports are meant to look like a LogMeIn subscription expiration email. The email subject line is: Your subscription has expired!”

We want to make it clear that these emails did NOT come from LogMeIn and people should NOT click on the links in these emails.

While we are working with our partners to remove these malicious websites, as part of our commitment to security, we want to make sure our users and the public are aware of this specific email, and provide an easy way for people to identify the tell-tale signs of phishing attacks.

Email subject line: Your subscription has expired!
Intended behavior/action: Tries to get you to open the embedded link which then downloads a malicious file.

Email body text is:


As with all suspicious emails, please read carefully and review the website links in these messages. Please be sure to delete these messages if you receive them.

We also recommend taking a look at our primer on how to protect yourself against phishing attacks and ensure you’re following secure password practices.

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