May 30, 2019 | By

Phishing Alert: Fake Emails Mimic LogMeIn Security

We have received reports of fraudulent emails being sent to LogMeIn customers under the false name of “LogMeIn (” with the subject line “LogMeIn’s Security Measures”. The email is asking customers to verify their LogMeIn email address and credentials.

Please take note this is NOT a LogMeIn email and/or did NOT come from someone at LogMeIn. Below is an image of the email.

While we are working with our partners to remove these malicious domains, as part of our commitment to security, we want to make sure our users and the public are aware of this specific email, and provide an easy way for people to identify the tell-tale signs of phishing attacks. We are asking you stay vigilant and aware of phishing emails to help keep your personal information secure.

If you have clicked a link in this email, we recommend changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication on your account as well as your users’ accounts immediately.

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