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Mission Possible Volunteer Spotlight – Sarah Küenzler

LogMeIn employees are very generous and engaged in the various volunteer opportunities around the world. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Sarah Küenzler, Business Development Representative in LogMeIn’s Munich sales office, about her experience volunteering with our CSR program, Mission Possible.

Amy: What is it about CSR that interests you and how important was it to you when applying here?

Sarah: What I love most about getting involved in CSR is being actively engaged in society to brighten the lives around us! While applying for my job at LogMeIn, I looked very closely at the company’s core values, what the company stands for and believes in – I could not imagine working for an unsustainable company. I’m very thankful LogMeIn supports their employees in positively impacting the environment and communities we live in.

Amy: You recently volunteered in Munich. What was that like?

Sarah: Fun, exciting and crazy – we were part of the so called “Zuckerfest” where we organized a party to celebrate the end of Ramadan with refugees living in Munich. Face painting, glitter tattoos, animal balloons and the gaming area were definitely highlights!

Amy: What, if anything, have you learned from your volunteer activities?

Sarah: You can easily put a smile on someone’s face – you simply need to invest a small amount of time. For example, at Zuckerfest the children and their families couldn’t be happier to spend the day in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with good music, delicious food and fun activities.

Amy: Have you met any new colleagues or LogMeIn leadership while volunteering?

Sarah: For sure. While volunteering you get to know the other colleagues you may not work closely with daily and it helps us to come closer as a company across functions, business units and locations. Not to forgot, I met you for the first time at our Mission Possible Day in Munich. 😊

Amy: Thanks for the chat, Sarah! To wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about your experience with Mission Possible?

Sarah: Sometimes it’s not just about thinking about the ways you can make a difference. It’s about doing what you can to make it happen. Thank you, LogMeIn, for encouraging us to give a helping hand to others! I can highly recommend everyone within the company take advantage of their volunteer days, find an activity or organization you would like to support and experience it on your own!

LogMeIn employees are given 2 days a year to volunteer and participate in a wide range of activities from sorting food at local food banks, preparing meals for the homeless and underserved, helping students with entrepreneurial skills, interview and resume writing, packing clothing and supplies for children to teaching youth programming skills.

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