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Mission Possible Volunteer Spotlight – Gordie Flowers

At LogMeIn and Mission Possible, we strive to positively affect change in the world and improve people’s lives, and we can’t do that without the help of phenomenal employees. I recently had the pleasure of talking with Gordie Flowers, Corporate Account Manager for our Collaboration and Communications Business Unit at LogMeIn, about his experience volunteering with Mission Possible, LogMeIn’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, since he started working at our Tempe office in 2017.

Amy: Gordie, what is it about CSR that interests you, and how important was it to you when applying at LogMeIn?

Gordie: I really count it a privilege to participate in corporate responsibility programs. My family is heavily involved in outreach and volunteering here locally, so it is great having the opportunity to continue serving in a corporate setting. Mission Possible is such a great initiative, and based on everyone I have had the pleasure of working with, it really emphasizes how important it is to the company’s culture.

Amy: What kinds of volunteer activities have you been involved in since joining LogMeIn? What has been your favorite opportunity, or when did you feel you made a big impact?

Gordie: I have been fortunate enough to participate in fundraisers for United Way, the Red Cross Hurricane Harvey relief drive, our local Thanksgiving food drive, Mission Christmas Angel, and our Spring Clothes Drive. However, my favorite so far was volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House here in Phoenix. Our team got to learn about and meet some of the families, and it was just an awesome experience. I can’t wait to go back!

Amy: What, if anything, have you learned from your volunteer activities?

Gordie: Volunteering really helps put things in perspective for me. After every opportunity, I leave with so much appreciation for the things and circumstances I take for granted, and it’s great to have a personal connection to the community.

Amy: Have you met new colleagues or LogMeIn leadership while volunteering?

Gordie: You know, I’ve really gotten to know some of my colleagues on a much more personal level while volunteering, which has been great. And it’s always fun getting out of the office!

Amy: Thanks for the chat! To wrap up, what did I miss? Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about your experience with Mission Possible?

Gordie: I’m proud to be a part of an organization that puts such an emphasis on giving back! I’m also thrilled to work closely with the team in Tempe, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.



LogMeIn employees are given 1 day a year to volunteer and participate in a wide range of activities such as sorting food at local food banks, preparing meals for the homeless and underserved, helping students with entrepreneurial skills, interview and resume writing, packing clothing and supplies for children, and teaching youth programming skills.


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