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Mission Possible Partners with Boston’s St. Francis House to Serve Up Meals!

Mission Possible, LogMeIn’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, has partnered with Boston’s St. Francis House.

St. Francis House, founded in 1984, is the largest day shelter in Massachusetts and serves an average of 500 disadvantaged and homeless men and women a day, 365 days a year. Their basic, rehabilitative, and housing services overlap and build on one another to provide their guests with continuous and comprehensive care. The organization relies heavily on volunteers to prepare and serve meals. Once a month, we’ll be bringing volunteers to prepare and serve meals at their shelter.

Meryl Pinette, Corporate Engagement Officer at St. Francis House says “Corporate partners are critical to our success. We require 40 volunteers a day to support our operations and having a partner like LogMeIn really helps us provide essential, life changing services to our guests. We’re excited that LogMeIn has generously decided to get involved in our community and that guests at St. Francis House are the beneficiaries.”

On our most recent volunteer day at St. Francis House, a team of Mission Possible volunteers spent several hours preparing a healthy meal — chicken and vegetable stew, fresh salad, and buttery rolls– for lunch that day and breakfast for the next morning.

“It was a great to learn about the amazing services provided at St. Francis House. Not only do they provide meals, but they also offer vocational training, counseling, affordable housing, and so much more, said Brittany Yelenik, Data Scientist at LogMeIn and Mission Possible volunteer. “I really enjoyed working with the staff at the shelter and hope I made a difference in someone’s life that day. I can’t wait to go back and help in the kitchen or in another department!”

If you’d like to get involved and volunteer at St. Francis House, please click here.

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