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Impactful and Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Today

Happy Earth Day! Today, people around the globe are working to honor our planet by giving their time and energy to practice sustainable habits — large and small. Whether you’ve organized a huge event to plant trees in your local community or you didn’t even realize it was Earth Day until now, it’s never too late to celebrate.

Why celebrate Earth Day? Because there’s no “Planet B”. At LogMeIn, we believe sustainability is an urgent issue we all must solve, and we are committed to operating our business with integrity and reducing our footprint as we unlock the potential of the modern workforce.

To celebrate Earth Day this year, our wonderful Mission Possible volunteers all over the world are coming together to volunteer within our local communities. They’re making a difference by planting trees, picking up trash, doing beach cleanups and more. So what can you do to get involved?

How can you volunteer your time this Earth Day?

  1. When you visit your local park or beach, leave it better than you found it. If there is trash when you arrive, grab a bag and clean it up!
  2. Volunteer for an environmental non-profit organization in your local community. A simple Google search should turn up a number of options in your area.
  3. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’re taught this from an early age, but put it in to practice today (and always). Think twice before trashing something that can be recycled, or better yet composted. Go easy on the paper towels after washing your hands. Commit using reusable cups for your morning coffee. Small steps can make a big difference.
  4. If you’re not sure about where to spend your valuable resources, contact the Earth Day organizers and they will direct you to the most suitable program for you. Remember that regardless of where you live, every small act makes a difference.

And if you don’t have the time to volunteer, there are countless other ways to contribute to a healthier Earth. Start or increase your recycling, buy reusable bags instead of using plastic, ride your bike or take public transportation, or try switching out your standard lightbulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs to save energy. There are so many different ways you can celebrate today or tomorrow or the next day. Happy Earth Day today and every day!



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